All stages of the manufacturing process take place within our company in Arezzo, making our products 100% made in Italy. Complete management of the production cycle not only ensures rigorous quality control but also stimulates continuous research into innovative technical solutions to enhance production efficiency and promote product innovation.


Our process begins with the melting of 925 Silver in our latest generation continuous casting furnaces, a crucial moment in which the raw material takes shape and substance. Continuing, the fusion gives life to the wire through the rolling and drawing processes. This phase not only gives the material its final shape but also represents the first step towards the creation of our extraordinary chains.


The wire thus obtained is meticulously transformed into a chain using cutting-edge machinery, operated by highly skilled manpower. Thanks to our advanced industrial expertise and a wide range of specialized chain processing machinery, we can create silver chains of extraordinary quality, lightness, and variety.


The welding, hammering and diamond cutting phases represent the heart of our production process. Here, craftsmanship combines with technology to create chains with new shapes and unparalleled brilliance.


The final step is the galvanic treatment through which we customize jewelry with various finishes, from silver to refined rhodium to luxurious gold, meeting the specific requests of our customers. Thanks to the innovative passivation treatment, we ensure significantly higher resistance of the jewelry to oxidation and wear. This translates into a product less susceptible to external agents such as air and environmental pollution.


Coar’s continuous investment in technology has led in recent years to the purchase of state-of-the-art machining centers that allow our technicians to create new shapes through designs made with 3D CAD software.


This is how our jewels are born through compliance with all quality standards and with a deep commitment to sustainability. The creativity of our company is manifested through the skill, ability and imagination of our technicians who innovate the product and diversify it, offering customers a range of products ranging from basic chains to fashion jewelry.
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