Coar was established in December 1963, originally named Aurum, founded by Carlo Baracchi, who at just 18 years old began his activity in a small workshop in Giovi. The company initially specialized in the production of hollow chains and plaques, the so-called ‘ID bracelets’; later, it expanded its product range by manufacturing hollow gold ropes, distinguishing itself as one of the first factories in this type of craftsmanship.
Silver Chains and Jewelry Italian Factory


In the early 2000s, riding the wave of change, the company inaugurated a new era through three important acquisitions: Cdinex, Diamantatura Aretina, and Duedi became an integral part of the COAR group. From this moment, Coar, with its innate ability to meet the ever new and diverse demands of the market, managed to expand its product range: not just gold anymore, but also silver, and not just chains but also trendy, innovative, and modern jewelry.


In 2023, Coar celebrated its 60th anniversary of business and human relationships: an important milestone and a strong incentive to strive even harder. The current company structure sees CDI (Coar International Distribution) as the operational branch of the company, specialized in the production and sale of silver chains and jewelry, and Coar 56AR as the financial-administrative sector.


Today, the company boasts distribution in over 50 countries worldwide: from North to South America, from Europe to Africa, reaching as far as the Far East. It participates in the most important industry trade shows, including those in Arezzo, Vicenza, and Hong Kong.
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